Patricia Bohlen
Menstrual cycle
The menstrual cycle – an ayurvedic perspective on women’s health According to Ayurveda, the menstrual cycle follows the seasons, ie. spring, winter, and summer season. In Sanskrit, the menstrual cycle is translated from two words, namely "rtu", which means season and "arthava", which means menstrual blood. Therefore, the different phases of the cycle are characterized by the different doshas, ​​namely vata, kapha and pitta. Ayurveda has taught me to live in harmony with nature and with myself. Balance can be achieved by adapting the lifestyle to the seasons and the menstrual cycle. The food we eat is equally important as [...]
Kitchari recipe
Simple Kitchari to reset your digestion A simple kitchari is a very good dish or recipe to reset your digestion and improve your gut health naturally. It is easy to make, and you only need a thermos to keep your kitchari warm if you prepare in advance. The simple kitchari consist of a balanced amount of nourishing and extracting food like rice and split mung beans. In case you have no split mung beans you can use whole mung beans and let them soak in water overnight to reduce cooking time. For vegetarians or vegans, you can add algae or [...]
Ayurvedic pizza
Ayurvedic pizza - a Vata grounding pizza recipe Ayurvedic cooking Ayurvedic cooking is still something I try to figure out myself. I can’t say I have mastered it, but I am integrating it in my daily cooking, and I am still learning. I hope to inspire you too to try new foods, spices, and recipes. Be curious and try out new things. You may have asked yourself the same question as I have: What does ayurvedic cooking mean? How should I think? What is so special about the ayurvedic way of cooking? New cooking routines I love cooking and to [...]
Kapha Dosha – how to obtain balance
UNDERSTANDING KAPHA: HOW TO BALANCE KAPHA DOSHA THROUGH DIET AND ROUTINES We live in a Vata dominant time where we are more and more occupied with social media, easy access to travel the world, a fast-paced life in cities, a fully scheduled day with work and activities for oneself and the kids. After leaving Vata season, late autumn and winter, behind us we welcome spring season with it’s kapha energy that empowers us, and nurishes our psyche, energy system and physical body. The days get warmer and brighter and nature comes to life. Spring is a season to plant seeds, [...]
Gut health from an ayurvedic point of view
Intestinal health from an ayurvedic point of view According to Ayurveda the organ systems, organs, tissues, cells, and biomolecules work together to accomplish the complex goal of digesting the food you eat. The five elements, namely ether, air, fire, water and earth are influenced by the three doshas that in turn form the seven body tissues: plasma, blood, muscle, fat, bone, bone marrow and reproduction tissue. The food get into our bodies and will be transformed into energy that will be used of all bodily tissues and cells. Waste products form during the conversion process, also called Ama. Ama is [...]
4 routines to live in harmony with your circadian rhythm
4 routines to live in harmony with your circadian rhythm The concept of Ayurveda can be applied as a lifestyle, a way of living with and in tune with nature. We are part of it. We are not seperate from it. The ultimate goal is to establish the right rhythm in life. And in my world it is not a ”one size fits all” approach. Each individual has its unique DNA, childhood and life experiences, habits and traumas. A person should be seen as an individual and his or her external environment should be taken into consideration. With external factors [...]
Candida – cause & treatment from an ayurvedic perspektive
  There are beneficial and harmful bacterias in our intestinal tract. The good bacterias are lactic acid bacterias such as Lactobacillus and Bifidus that are part of a normal intestinal flora and are involved in both digestion and immunity. They are found naturally in the diet we eat. The yeast and parasites are not harmful in a healthy person, but with poor eating habits and a lot of stress, the amount of good bacterias decrease. In Ayurveda your digestive health is the source of general health. Your agni, your digestive fire, should be strong enough to build ojas, the vital [...]
Ginger appetizer for better digestion
  Having a slow or even poor digestion? Feeling heavy after a meal? Not feeling hungry at all? Besides chewing thoroughly, at least 20 times per bite, a good routine before your meal is a ginger appetizer. Fresh ginger has pungeant and heating qualities and in moderation is balancing for all doshas and initiates the digestive process. You can prepare and consume the appetizer 10 - 15 minutes before the main meals, meaning lunch and dinner. It will increase saliva production in your mouth and prepares your digestion system for what follows. The stomach increases acid production and the pancreas [...]
How to make ghee at home
  Ayurvedic cooking is unthinkable without ghee. What is ghee and why is it so healthy? Ghee is clarified butter, meaning that you seperate the oil from the milky part by heating up butter. Preferably you should use unsalted butter and if possible from grass-feeding and happy cows. I have not found organic and unsalted butter in the grocery store here in Sweden, but maybe you can ask yor nearby farmer. Due to the fact that the milk protein is filtered and thrown away, it can be used for lactose intolerant people. What are the health effects? Ghee is used [...]
Tongue scraping – a simple ayurveda morning routine
  Today’s blog is about tongue scraping, one of ayurveda's best morning routines to do. In general I recommend 3 easy-to-do morning routines for a healthy and fresh start into your day! Tongue scraping Neti cleansing Oil pulling First thing in the morning you rinse your mouth with warm water. Look at your tongue in the mirror. It actually says a lot about your digestion and your imbalances what you can find on your tongue and how it looks like. Scrape your tongue gently 7 times from back to front to get rid of debris, bacteria and dead cells. Make [...]