Effective self-massage with tennis balls and

Yin Yoga

What is
Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga is a soft form of yoga where yoga postures are held for 2 to 5 minutes. Therefore a class might only include four to five different yoga postures. Because yoga postures are held longer time, the stretch has a greater effect on myofascia, meaning the fascia in and around muscles, the ligaments, and joints.

With this type of yoga, deep seated tension and muscle knots are significantly reduced. In addition, it is an effective form of mobility training, rehab & recovery. Very often we use yoga props, like yoga blocks, bolster, and a blanket to support the body.

Yin Yoga & MyoRelease


  • Relaxation of body & mind
  • Strengthening of tissues
  • Reduction of muscle knots
  • Better joint mobility
  • Reduced pain sensation
  • Decreased tissue stiffness
  • Increased body awareness
  • Improved digestion

How I teach
Yin Yoga

Yin MyoRelease

During my yin yoga classes I combine yoga poses with self-massage techniques performed with tennis balls. This gives you an extra release of tense tissue and muscles that might restrict movement and joints. As a result of using tennis balls as a self-massage tool, you can explore your body – it’s tension and sensitive areas – and create awareness and relaxation. 

Breathing in Yin Yoga

A central part of Yin MyoRelease is the emphasis on correct breathing, relaxation & presence. When we breathe unconsciously (holding our breath, breathing with effort, not using the diaphragm optimally, etc.) the stress response is usually activated in the body, which tightens the fascia and prepares the body for “fight or flight”. One of the major roles of the fascia is to protect the body and therefore it does not give in if the body is in a “standby” state. 

Usually, I select one or two different breathing techniques we use during a class. So during a course you will learn several breathing techniques you can practise and explore at home. Breathing allows you to be present, and presence creates awareness that promotes relaxation. Because if you are aware of tense tissue you can allow relaxation to happen.

Class structure

Firstly, I start with a breathing meditation to de-stress the body and mind. Then, we usually start with an MyoRelease exercise followed by a yin stretch. Breathing plays a central role, and is used to relax the body and mind. Finally, the class ends with a shorter shavasana. The workshops and classes, usually have a specific topic, and focus on a specific area of the body, e.g. neck and upper body or lower back and legs.

Myofascial treatment

If you are not sure how to work with tennis balls on your own, but you have stiff and painful muscles, you can always book a fascia manipulation treatment or cupping massage.

YinYoga & MyoRelease At Home

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