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The way I teach yoga can be described as intuitive. An intuitive yoga practise helps you to feel your body and the movements. As a result, you get to know yourself better.

It might be challenging at the beginning, but with continues practise you will be able to discover your strengths and your weaknesses. You will be able to adjust, and refine your movement practise, and therefore creating more balance.

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Hormone-balancing yoga

A therapeutic form of yoga that balances the body's hormonal system.

Hormone-balancing yoga

A holistic yoga class with specific techniques to target hormonal glands.
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Fascia Yoga

A modern type of yoga that uses very specific tools to increase joint mobility and fascia release.

Fascia Yoga

A dynamic yoga class blended with still postures. We use tennis balls to release tight connective tissue.

Medical Yoga

A therapeutic form of yoga that suits everyone. It calms the mind, and balances the body's nervous system.

Medical Yoga

A holistic yoga class to de-stress. With soft movements, mantras and visualisation techniques we calm our minds.
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Yoga helps me to stay grounded and balanced.  A tool to strengthen and nurture my body and mind. For those of you who prefer to do yoga at home, and who cannot attend a live class in Helsingborg, I created an online platform where you can practise the different forms of yoga in your own space and time.

Calming yoga

Yoga to calm your mind & relax your body
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Video library Yin Yoga & tennis balls

30+ videos with yin yoga poses & self-massage techniques with tennis balls.
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