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From holistic therapies like osteopathy and lymphatic drainage, to physical massage treatments like trigger point massage and cupping. Choosing the right type of therapy can be overwhelming.

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Treatments I offer range from osteopathy to different massage therapies. All treatments complement each other and can be combined to help you the best way possible. Some massage treatments are more physical and affect the fascia and muscle tissue, others affect the body and mind on a more subtle level. Most techniques I use are very beneficial for blood and lymphatic circulation, but also relax the nervous system. This is where the holistic approach comes in.

Trigger Point Massage

Trigger point massage effectively reduces sore, stiff and painful muscles.

Trigger point massage

An effective treatment for tense and painful muscles.
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Lymphatic drainage

Manual Lymphatic drainage (MLD) helps to get rid of excess fluid, toxins, and stress.

Lymphatic drainage

A good massage if you suffer from pain, svollen limbs, post-cancer water retention.
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Cupping is a tissue treatment reducing pain and improving overall circulation.


A massage that increases blood flow and releases tense muscles. Not suitable with sensitive skin.
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Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic massage is a rejuvenating treatment that improves sleep, and reduces stress.

Ayurvedic massage

A relaxing massage for stress & tension relief, that improves sleep.
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Fascial manipulation

With this method the deep fascia is treated by friction. Get rid of tension, stiffness and pain.

Fascial Manipulation

Muscle and joint function improves, and neural and lymphatic system is positively influenced.
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Relaxing Abhyanga

A deep nourishing and relaxing full-body massage with warm aroma oil.

Healing Marma Therapy

A healing massage that stimulates specific marma points with aroma oil to release energy blockings, and to improve the flow of prana (life energy).


A deep relaxing head, face and upper back massage. It nourishes the hair, relaxes the mind, releases head and shoulder tension.

Energizing Garshan

Ayurvedic skin brushing followed by a 60-min Abhyanga. Garshan enhances blood circulation and softens the skin.

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