Trigger point massage

Book a Trigger Point Massage to Solve Your Pain Problems

How does a trigger point massage help?

What is a triggerpoint?

A “trigger point” occurs when a few muscle fibers in an entire muscle contract and a trigger point massage may help you to solve your pain problems. Symptoms may be soreness or local pain in the muscle, but also pain further away (referred pain) and numbness in arms and legs. Trigger points can occur in an acute situation or slowly over time. Trigger points are often a result of poor posture, repetitive mechanical stress, overload or incorrect lifting, prolonged sitting at work or injury. The hyperirritable spots or knots cause decreased range of motion in the affected muscles and related joints. That affects the function of surrounding structures and as a result the body compensates by changing movement patterns and developing weakness. There are active and latent (passive) trigger points. An active trigger point is tender to palpation with a referred pain pattern that is similar to the patient’s pain complaint. It causes pain at rest. The pain is then often local but can also spread or radiate elsewhere. Passive trigger points are more common than active trigger points. These do not cause spontaneous pain, but may restrict movement or cause muscle weakness. Latent trigger points cause pain only when pressure is applied directly over the point.

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When should I book a trigger point massage?

With a trigger point massage I treat symptoms of tension headaches, neck and shoulder pain, radiating pain into arms or legs, back pain and pain in the buttocks (i.e. sciatica pain). Commonly treated conditions are Runner’s knee, Tennis elbow and Achilles tendon inflammation. The massage can otherwise be performed everywhere on the body where you feel soreness or pain.

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What to expect from a trigger point treatment?

A trigger point massage or acupressure treatment alleviates pain and reduces muscle tension. You will feel more relaxed and less tense. The massage is performed without oil and only symptomatic areas are treated, not the whole body.

First, we will have a brief conversation about your symptoms and then I will examine the areas of complaint (max 5 min). I will palpate muscle changes and if I suspect and feel a trigger point, I will keep a constant pressure on it. The pressure can be very painful at first and then the trigger point will disappear and you will feel a great relief of pain. It may take between 30 seconds and 3 minutes until the pain goes away. Should you be extra sensitive to pressure, I recommend you book a cupping massage instead.

I also offer indirect treatment of trigger points with muscle energy techniques (MET) in combination with trigger point massage. With this technique you will activate the affected muscle and push against my resistance or pressure. The muscles are stretched, strengthened and relaxed. Sometimes several treatments in a shorter period are necessary. Trigger points often return if you do not treat the cause of the appearance. In some cases, I recommend an osteopathic treatment as a follow-up.

What to do and not to do after treatment?

You should keep your body hydrated and drink plenty of water afterwards. I do not recommend vigorous training on the same day after treatment. If you want to exercise the same day, you should book your trigger point treatment after exercising.


Cancellation policy:

You need to give me at least 24 hours of notice if you wish to cancel your appointment. You will always get a reminder 28 hours before booked appointment.  This helps me accommodate those who may be waiting.
If you miss your appointment without cancellation or simply don’t show up you will be invoiced with 100% of the treatment fee.
Thank you for your understanding.