Health & Nutrition coaching

Health & Nutrition coaching

Biohack your way to better health

Nutrition coaching – what do you do?

A nutrition coaching helps you to optimize your diet, lifestyle routines and sleep, depending on what health problems you have. During a nutrition coaching session, we try to find the root causes of your symptoms or why you don’t feel well. Sometimes it’s not so easy to find balance in life or the cause of your health issues. And that’s exactly where I as a health and nutrition coach step in and support you! Your biochemistry, gut health and hormonal status are mapped out during a nutrition coaching. A session is always tailored to your needs. However, I consider my services as a complement to the existing health care services and if needed I will refer you to them. During a consultation we will find solutions that will give you long-lasting results.

It is important for me that you are a 100 % included in this process and take responsibility for your health. I can only guide you in this process to my best ability and knowledge. At the end you must do all the work. A consultation includes anything from dietary advice, stress management and breathing techniques and supplements. You will be able to biohack your health and get the tools to change or adjust your diet to prevent and deal with indigestion, hormonal imbalances, and stress. I will support you all the way in your new and healthy lifestyle habits!


It is important for me that you are a 100 % included in this process and take responsibility for your health. In this process, I can only guide you to my best ability and knowledge, but at the end you must do all the work. Usually, a consultation includes anything from dietary advice, stress management, breathing techniques and supplementation. You will be able to biohack your health and get the tools to change or adjust your diet to prevent and deal with indigestion, hormonal imbalances, and stress. I will support you all the way in getting used to your new and healthy lifestyle habits!

Test-based health

What does test-based health mean? In simple words it means that one or more tests are the foundation for my analysis of your well-being. Prior to our meeting you will do either blood, stool, or urine testing that we decide on during a phone call. We agree on which tests you should do, depending on your symptoms and your health history. If you cannot do these tests through the healthcare system, the costs for the tests will be additional to my consultation fees. Read more about the different tests I offer further down.

How I work with a client

Prior to a counselling session we will have a video or phone call to discuss if I can help you or not. When we come to an agreement, I will inform you about test options and what you need to do prior to our meeting. As a certified nutrition and health coach I have knowledge and experience in guiding you through the following diets: paleo diet, low carbohydrate diet, anti-inflammatory, autoimmune diet, FODMAPs, ketogenic diet, and periodic fasting. On the other hand, if you are interested in an Ayurvedic lifestyle counseling, you can read more here. Many times, I work with an elimination diet first as it has shown to be most effective. However, I have specialized in gastrointestinal health, chronic fatigue, burnout syndrome and women’s health.

I analyze behavior, eating and sleeping patterns, as well as lifestyle habits and do my best to create and maintain motivation in my clients. Sometimes you just sow a seed and inspire as some people are not ready for a major change. Other times, I need to explain and increase understanding to achieve an improvement in a client’s health or behavior. Some people understand their body very well and just need some minor adjustments or instructions to optimize their health. How motivated a person is, and how severe the health problems or symptoms are, plays a major role in how successful someone will be in achieving her or his goals.

My skill-set

Personally, I have been suffering of long-term IBS and hormonal problems, but I did not get the help I needed from conventional medicine. Consequently, I started reading a lot of health books by experts and participated in webinars. In other words, self-educated me. When this was not enough, I signed up for a nutrition and health coaching training with the Paleo Institute in Sweden. In 2019 I deepened my knowledge in Ayurveda and became an Ayurveda lifestyle coach. What I do requires lifelong learning and I love it.

The Paleo Institute is the Nordic region’s broadest and deepest education in nutrition and health coaching right now. Additionally, I attend regular training sessions with the lab company I cooperate with. During my counselling or treatment sessions I have acquired a holistic way of thinking and a good ability in mapping out client’s health issues from different angles, namely osteopathy, Ayurveda, and Functional Medicine. I collaborate with different clients and if needed I will refer you to them so you can get the best support.

What happens in a nutrition coaching?

Firstly, we go through your health or wellness declaration, health history, and laboratory test results. Secondly, we talk about your lifestyle routines, stress factors, sleeping and eating patterns. We also talk about your expectations and goals. Part of my job is to inform and educate my clients, so they get a better understanding why they ended up with their health problems in the first place. Once awareness is there, change will be easy as the understanding is present. Together, we plan on how to move forward and reduce your symptoms and eliminate the root cause of them. Our first meeting, no matter of it is in person or online, will take about 100 to 120 minutes.


What are common symptoms your clients have?

It could be that you feel tired all the time or that you generally do not feel well. In other words, out of balance. Your goal is to get more energy and be more balanced in life. Maybe you suffer from insomnia, brain fog or chronic stress and you want to know what’s wrong and learn how to relax your mind. Or you suffer from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), fluctuance or indigestion and you want to know how and what to do or eat to feel better. Probably you have already tried most things, but without success. Or you don’t know how to start.

What advice can you get?

Advise on what, when and how to eat is many times necessary, especially when gut health is compromised. Recommendations on sleeping and lifestyle routines can help you to follow your natural circadian cycle that promotes a healthy digestion, good sleep and reduces stress. If stress is a major contributor to your symptoms, we talk concretely about what kind of stress management methods are suitable for you to follow. We will talk about supplements and herbs that can be supportive. However, breathing exercises, yoga or meditation exercises are often the best tools to improve mental and emotional imbalances. It also requires more of oneself. After reviewing the test results, and if I feel necessary, I might refer you to a doctor for a further investigation. For example, if the blood panel shows signs of inflammation in the body, extremely low or high thyroid levels or very high blood pressure.

What’s the difference between a test-based nutrition coaching and conventional medicine?

Above all, the difference is the review of lab tests and which lab tests to choose, as well as the interpretation of test results. Reference intervals on blood samples are broader in the healthcare system and differ depending on which county you live in. Reference intervals are based on values ​​obtained from individuals in a reference group from a reference population that are ideally healthy.

For me, however, it is interesting to know if your value is in the upper or lower margin, as it may indicate an imbalance or that a disease state has begun. When your value is within the reference range, you are considered “healthy” in conventional healthcare. Conventional healthcare primarily seeks to find a diagnosis and offers symptomatic treatment with medication. In functional medicine, the “optimal” reference range is narrower, and the aim is to help you to the best possible health. In other words, a more preventative approach.

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What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine (FM) is a medical, science-based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. It is applied to prevent dis-ease and disease and emphasizes on diet and lifestyle measures.

What laboratory tests do you do?

I use blood panels, stool, and urine testing. You do all tests with the respective lab directly. In other words, I will not do the tests in my clinic. For blood panels I collaborate with Werlabs, which also offers various test packages where you will get a good overview about your health status. When I use urine and stool samples, I do them with Nordic Labs.

Blood panel or blood testing

In a blood panel, you get information about your thyroid status, your blood sugar level, and signs of inflammation. Werlabs in Helsingborg is located at Knutpunkten. Usually, you book your appointment online with them. The test results are available online, and you will receive them often within a few days.

Stool testing

Stool samples are relevant if you have problems with the gut. Can be that you are bloated, react to food, have diarrhea or constipation, as well as food cravings. Chronic fatigue can also be the result of dysbiosis. The analysis shows the presence of bacteria, fungi and parasites that cause many problems in the gastrointestinal tract. An imbalance in the intestinal flora (so-called dysbiosis), signs of inflammation, poor nutrient uptake, impaired pancreatic function, or lack of stomach acid can be detected with a stool sample. In addition, I always talk to my clients about what, how and when they eat. An extensive stool testing costs around 350-400 Euro. You will receive test results within 15-25 days.

Urine testing

Urine testing is the best way to test for hormone levels – stress hormones and sex hormones. Mood swings, difficulty sleeping, decreased sex drive, infertility, brain fog and chronic fatigue are symptoms that may require a hormonal testing. The urine test also includes an analysis of the hormones’ breakdown products, so called metabolites, that provide information about the body’s ability to break down and convert these. In a way, it gives an indication of how well the liver is working and how well the conversion process is. Depending on what is being tested – stress hormones, sex hormones or both, the costs range from 280 to 400 Euro. You will receive test results within 20-30 days. For both stool testing and urine testing, you pay directly to the laboratory and have the test kit sent home to you with DHL.

It sounds expensive but if it helps you to function normally again – a symptom and pain-free life, it’s worth it. Personally, I have done all the above tests and I am glad I did. I found out what causes my IBS and chronic fatigue.

Health- & nutrition coaching

Health & nutrition coaching, initial consultation

Before we meet, we will have a short phone call (10-15 minutes) where I can tell you if I can help you and what tests you should do. Best to send me an e-mail. It’s free-of-charge. After getting your test results or before that you book your coaching session where we meet in person or online. The initial consultation includes a health screening and review of your wellness declaration. Our meeting will take about 100 to 120 minutes. It is possible to have a consultation without any testing. We work with your diet, lifestyle, and sleep routines, for instance, and I assess your health status based on your symptoms. An initial consultation, a one-time consultation is suitable for everyone who wants to get in balance, and who has only minor health issued he or she wants to address.

Health & Nutrition Coaching, 3-months-package

You get a 3-month tailored health coaching. It includes an initial consultation of about 75-90 minutes, 6 video or phone calls of approximately 15-30 minutes and a final consultation of about 40 minutes. During the regular follow-up meetings, we mainly discuss how things have gone, if you need additional support to achieve your goals. Here, suggestions for recipes, dietary adjustments, exercises, and meditation practices will be discussed. This package is suitable for anyone with chronic problems and who needs help along the way with motivation. You can pay in 2 installments.

Here we talk about your progress, challenges and obstacles. You get practical tips, motivation and more knowledge to succeed with your lifestyle change. Change takes time and part of the process may be resistance and that is totally normal. During the follow-up meetings, I support you to make sure that you are on the right track towards your goals. We adjust your weekly schedule, diet and lifestyle habits so that they work for you.

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