AERIAL YOGA – learn how to fly!

I am currently on Madeira Island och re-open my yogastudio in april 2022 again.

Aerial yoga – what you should know!

What is Aerial yoga?

In an Aerial yoga class you will experience yoga positions in a completely new way, with the help of a silky hammock or “swing” hanging from the ceiling! Aerial yoga can be very playful and you will definitely feel lighter and increase your body awareness. In each class we will work on flexibility, balance and strength. So relax, develop trust and keep breathing! The hammock is your partner and as in every relationship you need to develop trust for it to be fruitful. Your body weight will be supported by a trapeze-like silky hammock. We will hang in it upside down (inversions), have just parts of the body in it, lean against it, swing in it or lay in it completely wrapped for relaxation.

You may already understand how much fun aerial yoga is! We shape, strengthen and stretch the entire body, especially the inner muscle groups (muscles of posture) and we will work on areas, which you otherwise cannot access easily. “In the air” yoga is easier to perform as the hammock helps us to better understand each position. You will see! All you need is courage and curiosity. Just wrapped into the hammock at the beginning and at the end of each class will give you a “cocooning” sensation, a feeling of safety and where you can get closer to yourself and nurture your body with conscious breathing and focus.

The unique benefits of Aerial yoga and why you should try:

• Challenging yoga postures done on the mat may seem very easy with support of the swing such as scorpion pose and handstand.
Aerial yoga is especially good for overweight people and people feeling stiff as stretching and lengthening will help you to build flexibility. You will definitely strengthen your core – abdomen and postural muscles at the back – as your muscles will be engaged the entire time to keep you stable during a pose.
• Inversions (upside down poses) during regular yoga practice can be quite challenging, but in Aerial Yoga you will invert without gravity holding you down
In Aerial yoga inversions lengthen and release tension in the spine and detox the body by massaging the organs. Inversions also increase blood pressure and challenge the lymphatic system and therefore a perfect exercise if you have cold feet and hands. At the same time the hammock works as myofascial release and will help you to ease up tight muscles.
• Hanging upside down will increase gland function and sweating will be easier having a detox effect on your body.
• The close contact between your body and the hammock increases your self-confidence and you will become more aware of how the poses feel. You will overcome your fear of “falling out” and fall backwards even if at first it might seem impossible for you.
“Happy hormones”, such as serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine, are released and you can feel very happy afterwards.

Aerial yoga hip hang twist
Aerial yoga trädets position

What to expect in an Aerial yoga practice?

Come with an open mind! Most people are capable of far more than they think. At first the idea of hanging upside down might be intimidating but you may find the feeling of freedom and lightness. It takes a few classes to get used to the pressure of the hammock surrounding your body during the different poses, especially around hips and shoulders.

Not everybody feels comfortable falling backwards and hanging upside down and you might experience dizziness during the first couple of classes. Take it easy and move slowly, rest in between the poses and drink water! In addition blood is rushing into the head increasing pressure which can feel uncomfortable. Don’t worry! Not all poses will be done upside down, some poses we will do in the swing standing, sitting or lying and some with hands or legs on the mat.

A class usually starts with a meditation pose sitting in the hammock and some gentle stretches. Depending on the class we will do mainly static poses (Aerial Yoga Beginners), dynamic sequences (Aerial Flow) or restorative poses near the floor (Aerial Yoga Deep). In Savasana, the final resting pose at the end of the class you will enjoy lying in the hammock before we will get down and sit in the floor to ground ourselves again.

In each Aerial yoga class we will stretch and strengthen our arms, legs, back, abdomen and shoulders and increase our body strength, stamina, flexibility and balance. I will always show and explain the poses one time before you will do them yourself and I will always be by your side for assistance.

What are the contraindications?

Surgical procedures (for example on shoulders, eyes, back, hip or pelvis, wrist)
Heart disease including high or low blood pressure
Vertigo or extreme dizziness
Osteoporosis, osteoarthritis
Recent head injury
Severe arthritis
Common cold
Hiatus hernia
Recent disk injuries
Recent stroke occurred
Hip replacement
Neuropathy or Radiculopathy

You will practice Aerial yoga on your own risk – you know your body better than anyone else! If you are not sure or if you have any other condition or take medication please contact your doctor prior to your first class.

What should I wear and bring to class?

Tight-fitting clothing is best. Leggings covering knees and a top with short or long sleeves will protect your knees and armpits from getting pinched in certain positions.

Feel free to bring a water bottle and socks for relaxation at the end of the class. If you have a sticky mat please bring your own otherwise the studio will provide a mat for you.

Aerial yoga back straddle position


In this workshop you learn all basic postures of Aerial Yoga. In this class you will learn the foundation for all other Aerial Yoga classes. Here you will improve inflexibility, balance and body awareness. All postures or sequences will be done in a slow motion and you will perform some yogaposes hanging up and down (inversions).

This type of yoga is perfect for everybody who wants to learn a more acrobatic style of yoga, improve overall strength and balance. Some of the poses are hold for a longer period of time, others will be done dynamically.

No previous yoga experience is necessary for this class. I am trained to individually modify the yogapostures according to your leveland help you safely in and out of the yogaposes.


In an Aerial Flow workshop we will do different kinds of sun salutations in a slow motion. It is a dynamic yoga class where we will hang upside down or have our hands or a foot in the hammock doing the sun salutations. We will work on our balance, core stability and fitness.

Previous knowledge: Experienced in dynamic yoga or participation in one Aerial Yoga Introduction workshop and/or Aerial Yoga course.


Aerial Yin Yoga is a more therapeutic form of  dana@aerial yoga. We perform gentle yogapostures while the shawl is only 10-15 cm above the floor. We will not hang so much up and down, just have our backs in the mat and legs in the shawl in some of the poses. In this class we will focus on our breaths, body awareness, relaxation of mind and body.
No previous yoga experience is necessary for this class.


A class includes postures that strengthen and stretches the body and improves balance. You will feel more energized after the class. Each course will have a topic and focus on different parts of the body.
Previous knowledge: Aerial Yoga Introduction workshop

AERIAL YIN YOGA  (75 min/class)

A gentle and calming class where we focus on deep stretching and breathing. We will hold yoga postures for up to 3 minutes. This class includes a breathing technique to calm the mind.
No previous yog aknowledge required.

AERIAL YOGA Personal Training (PT)(60 min/class)

For you who wants to do Aerial Yoga one-on-one with special attention on your personal needs. Maybe you are two friends who want to practise yoga together?
You decide when you want to practise yoga which gives you more flexibility. PT or duo (2 people).

Contact me here for private classes.